Nicole Scherzinger (@NicoleScherzy) shares her secrets for beautiful hair


She might seem all glam, but there’s a natural side to Nicole Scherzinger, amazing performer and our new celebrity ambassador. her idea of beauty? “I think it’s ultimately radiance from within,” she told us.

On stage she loves to experiment with new styles, but when she’s not performing, she’s relies on a low-maintenance routine and her favorite Herbal Essences products to keep her mane looking and feeling healthy. “my personal hair care routine is to just wash and let it air dry.”

Nicole loves how Herbal’s scents intoxicate her and seem to whisk her away. “When i’m using Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner with the coconut and orchid scent, I feel like i’m bathing under my own waterfall in a tropical garden,” she says. “when I use Herbal Essences Honey I’m Strong collection, I’m transported into a fresh field of apricot trees.”

Nicole will indulge in new products from time to time, but tends to stick to a few old faithful’s—and she’s grown up with Herbal Essences. her go-to styling product? “anything that gives my hair volume, like Body Envy Hairspray. I like products that are lightweight so that they won’t weigh down my hair.”

Nicole Scherzinger (@NicoleScherzy) promo pics for Herbal Essences

Nicole Scherzinger (@NicoleScherzy) is the new face of Herbal Essences

With her hair constantly at the mercy of curling irons, straighteners and blow dryers, Nicole Scherzinger relies on hydrating products to keep her hair healthy. And now, she’ll likely have a lot of them at her disposable: the singer and former X Factor judge is the newest face of Herbal Essences.

“It’s amazing,” she tells PEOPLE of the new gig. “I have a big grin on my face and I’m glowing. I’m really proud to be partnered with this brand.”

Though Scherzinger calls her “super-long” hair “strong,” she says it’s often hard to take care of because it is subjected to so much heat styling. “I always have to change hairstyles, whether it’s being on TV one minute to being on stage the next, then going to dinner or a meeting,” she explains. “It’s important to keep it hydrated, and use the right products to protect it from the heat.” To that end, she credits Herbal Essences’ Hello Hydration, Hydralicious and Long Term Relationship with locking in moisture and preventing split ends.

When she’s enjoying a day off, Scherzinger generally gives her hair a break, letting it air dry before tossing it up in a bun. But she’s no styling amateur herself: the day of her Herbal Essences shoot, the singer was even giving her glam squad advice. “I know all the mousses, honey,” she shares. “Normally people associate mousse with perms, but with this hair, are you kidding me?! Mousse equals volumizing.”

Scherzinger will appear in Herbal Essences’ print ads as well as commercials — some of which will feature her music. “It’s what I’ve worked so hard for my whole life,” she says. “Not only to have music as my driving force, but to build my brand and be associated with products I believe in — those that are a direct reflection of who I am.”