Nicole Scherzinger (@NicoleScherzy) & Lewis Hamilton at studio, London - November 26, 2012

Nicole Scherzinger (@NicoleScherzy) & Lewis Hamilton at Heathrow Airport - November 12, 2012

It is very upsetting to inform that Nicole’s grandmother has passed away on Saturday morning. Her spoke’s person said: “Nicole had to return to the US to attend the funeral.”

Our deepest condolences go out to Nicole and her family in this sad time.

Nicole Scherzinger (@NicoleScherzy) interview with The Sun about Lewis Hamilton, X Factor and more

NICOLE Scherzinger has confessed that dating Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton is “challenging” and admitted: “I wouldn’t wish a long-distance relationship on anyone.”

Talking exclusively to The Sun, the X Factor fox also spoke for the first time about that photo of her appearing to smooch with Rihanna’s ex Chris Brown — describing it as DROSS.

And she hit back at claims that she was upset after Lewis was caught with a bevy of ten girls in a hotel lobby — insisting it was innocent.

Dressed down and supping her first pint of ale, Nicole claimed her cosiness with controversial singer Brown, 23, at an LA nightclub four weeks ago was not what it seemed.

She said: “You are always going to have people saying something or having a picture. But it is complete dross if you and your partner know what the truth is.

“Chris Brown and I are definitely just mates — I have known him since he was younger than 16.

“We were just talking. Even my mum said, ‘I saw a picture of you’.It’s the same when Lewis had some random girls sitting in the lobby.”

Racing driver Lewis caused a stir in July after inviting women he had just met back to his London hotel for a late-night party.

He was pictured grinning from ear to ear on the wild night out with rapper J Cole — while his girlfriend was 5,000 miles away in America.

But Nicole, 34 — who pals said hit the roof — claimed there was nothing going on. She said: “Can’t girls just be sitting in the lobby? Maybe they were going to the same party.”

Ramping up her southern American drawl — she was born in Hawaii but raised in Kentucky — she confessed it is hard trying to keep their relationship going when they’re on different continents.

Lewis, 27, and Nicole try to spend time together at his luxury pad in Monaco or at her LA home.

But this weekend he is on the grid in New Delhi, India, while Nicole takes her seat for the X Factor live shows in London.

Nicole said: “Every relationship has its things and you work it out. We made it last for four years so far, so it definitely makes things interesting and challenging.

“I wouldn’t wish a long-distance relationship on anyone, Lewis would say the same. But if it’s worth it, you fight for it. We try to see each other as much as possible.”

She added Lewis had flown in to be with her on his way to this weekend’s Indian Grand Prix — and even made a trip down to see the X Factor. She said: “Lewis was backstage. He enjoys it and is supportive of me. I don’t care whether he felt like he was dragged there.

“He wants to support me. I am there for him and his races.”

She admitted Lewis — whose favourite is James Arthur — even weighed into the argument over whether her act Rylan Clark should have got through at the expense of Carolynne Poole. He asked her: “How do you know it’s fair? It sounded like Carolynne sounded really good.”

Nicole said Lewis has helped her settle in London by introducing her to his pals, adding that his family has also been a huge help.

But she confirmed the rumours that she very nearly didn’t come to the UK. The Sun revealed she was having second thoughts as she jetted in from America earlier this month ahead of the live shows.

She confessed: “I was scared to death. I didn’t feel like I had the warmest reception coming here.

“People were saying, ‘She’s the most boring person of the year, Mel B is the queen, she should be fired’.

“I got scared and freaked out. But then I was like, ‘Hell no, ain’t no one gonna tell me that I don’t know what I’m doing’.

“I came here for a reason. I’m a damn good mentor. I’m not saying I’m a great judge or I’m the most articulate person. But I’m going to focus my energy on the contestants and give 110 per cent to it.

“UK people like honesty, they love humour. So if I could really say it how it is and say it in my own style of humour then maybe people will get me and I can get to them.”

Her appointment was a surprise as show guru Simon Cowell did not re-sign her for the American X Factor, where she moved from host to judge after Cheryl Cole was binned.

Show insiders admitted her joining the UK series was something of an emergency after an arrogant attempt to sign Dannii Minogue failed.

But Simon, 53, has a soft spot for Nicole and didn’t tear into her like he did Cheryl when she departed.

He is constantly on the phone to her, praising her at the expense of self-appointed head judge Gary Barlow — who he never calls.

Nicole said: “He says things like ‘you are a star’ or ‘you own it’. He wants me to own it. That’s me having to raise myself to the next level as I don’t want to let him down.”

Part of her initial problem was blasting people just to give producers some drama. But now she is happy to let rip — as long as it is what she really thinks.

She said: “When I say stuff I think, ‘I can’t believe I said something like that on TV’. But no one has criticised me, no one has judged me for it and they actually get it.”

Nicole looks after the boys and still has her team of James, Jahmene Douglas and the outrageous Rylan. While she certainly has her hands full with Rylan and his drunken antics, it is Jahmene who holds a place in her heart.

She said she was moved by his story of appalling domestic violence, which he bravely spoke about in The Sun last week.

Nicole said: “I spent a lot of time with Jahmene and his mum this week, it was heartbreaking. But now I’ve been educated about the past, I want to help.

“I love him and his mum Mandy, it just kills me to hear the stories. But that just means, as I told him, that he’s here for a great purpose.”

She predicts the final will be Jahmene, James and Ella Henderson — and possibly Union J, warning: “Don’t underestimate them.”

Rylan, though, will definitely not be one of them. Chuckling, the petite star said: “I don’t think Rylan’s head space is, ‘I’m going to win’.

“He just wants to give the best performance every week and prove that he is not there as a joke.”

Nicole Scherzinger (@NicoleScherzy) denies any problems with Lewis Hamilton

Nicole Scherzinger has dismissed reports that she is having relationship troubles with Lewis Hamilton.

The pair were recently rumoured to have broken up after struggling with each other’s busy work schedules at different sides of the world.

Meanwhile, Scherzinger was recently photographed close with Chris Brown at a Los Angeles club.

However, the X Factor judge insisted that their relationship is “lovely”, and that she tries to ignore press reports about her personal life.

"Me and my lovely man are lovely," she told Lorraine Kelly. "We’re great.

"[I’ve told my X Factor acts], don’t look at the press and don’t Google yourself. [I always think] ‘What’s happening today? I’m with who now?’”

She added: "Everything’s good. I wish I could be with him in Japan [for the Grand Prix].

"He’s going to try and be with me as much as possible [during The X Factor]. That’ll be lovely.”

Nicole Scherzinger and her X Factor Boys category will appear on the first live show on Saturday, October 6 on ITV.

Lewis Hamilton flew to Nicole Scherzinger (@NicoleScherzy) after seeing pics with Chris Brown

FORMULA 1 ace Lewis Hamilton and X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger have had crisis talks to save their on-off relationship after he saw snaps of her with rapper Chris Brown.

Former world champion Lewis had called it all off three weeks ago, The Sun can reveal. But he thought again after seeing snaps of Nicole with the badboy pop star.

The McLaren driver, 27, “hit the roof” before becoming convinced their long-distance love was worth saving.

A pit lane source said: “Splitting was his decision. He’s got a lot on his plate at the moment. And her commitments on X Factor and his career were clashing over the last few months.

“When he saw the pictures of her with Chris, he flew off the handle. He wasn’t happy at all — even though they were not together any more.”

Lewis had the weekend off and jetted from his preparations for the Japanese Grand Prix to Los Angeles.

Singer Nicole, 34, had already publicly explained that she was old friends with Rihanna’s violent ex and had merely been trying to chat in a noisy Hollywood nightclub.

But the source said: “Lewis wanted to hear it for himself.” Nicole returned to Britain yesterday, tweeting: “Guess who just moved to London! 6am and I’ve just touched down. Let’s play ball UK.”

Nicole Scherzinger (@NicoleScherzy) interview with Daily Mail

I am sitting behind a rack of the teeniest, tiniest sequined dresses. They look doll size. It seems unbelievable that the slender powerhouse who is Nicole Scherzinger not only fits in them but has to have them pinned at the waist because they are a little large. Her frame may be slight but her presence is huge – dark, intensely soulful eyes that seem to feel the pain of the world, and a smile that exudes love. As her fellow X Factor judge Louis Walsh told me just before the shoot, ‘She is one class act.’

When she was a guest judge on the UK X Factor in 2010 she excelled with her emotionally articulate comments, and it was, in fact, her idea to put together the band One Direction from the boys group of solo singers. Thus the former Pussycat Doll graduated to judge for hire.

She replaced Cheryl Cole on the US X Factor after Simon decided Britain’s national sweetheart wasn’t working on American television, blaming her Geordie accent. Nicole, 34, had a difficult category, the Over-30s, and she refused to reject one of her own acts when they both fell into the bottom two, feeling it might be their last chance at success. Her American contract was not renewed, but she was soon rehired to replace Kelly Rowland on the UK version of the show.

Nicole has been dating racing driver Lewis Hamilton, 27, since 2007. Last year they were rumoured to be engaged but she denies this. Her album Killer Love was one of the most successful of 2011 and this year her film career started with the part of Lily Poison in Men in Black 3.

The photo shoot has been going since 6am and she is due now at 4pm at the studio with to film the making of her new solo album for cable network VH1. ‘My day is just starting.’ She grabs a gluten-free peanut butter cookie and slips into ‘pyjamas’: cream knitted leggings, a loose and skimpy T-shirt and leopard wedged sneakers. She is wearing Mugler’s Alien and it smells divine on her. Her hair is so shiny you can practically see yourself in it. We ride in her limo to the recording studio as we chat.

I have a soft spot for the UK X Factor because that’s where I started. Everything is honest and innocent. A UK audience can tell when something is from the heart. They have a great sense of humour and it’s more playful. There was a lot of hype around the US X Factor. The show was under a lot of pressure, and I was part of that. I had a difficult category because it was the ‘olders’, and in this industry the older you get the less chance you have of being a successful artist.

The hardest part for me is making the decision to reject someone, especially someone who you’ve nurtured. As an artist I feel empathy for them. I too started off in a reality show [called Pop Stars, which spawned the girl band Eden’s Crush in 2001 with Nicole as a member]. I know exactly what they’re going through and what it all means to them. I feel for them and I root for them.

This year I’ve got the boys. I wanted the girls. I always want the girls because I feel I relate to females most; that’s where I could be of service. But the boys’ category is strong. I’ve got some great raw talent. I am honoured.

I get on well with the other judges. I’ve loved Louis since the beginning. He was so welcoming. I love his sense of humour. Tulisa and I are still learning about each other, but I’m happy that we get on. I am learning a lot from Tulisa. She is smart and honest and I watch the way she handles the press. In America we are not used to that. I love listening to Gary talking about his family so adoringly. He has kept his perspective through all the success that he has.

The UK is much more competitive than the US. The judges really want to win. My favourite part of The X Factor is getting to work with the talent. I love mentoring. I feel I don’t always shine when I’m speaking – my brain and mouth don’t always connect. I like to be of service. I feel that I have a lot to offer.

We had a bunch of great young guys with One Direction, but none of them were ready to go out on their own in the boys’ category. I thought, ‘If we put this group together the girls are going to go crazy. Together they will be irresistible.’ Simon was very smart. He listened to me.

I have been through the school of Simon Cowell. I feel fortunate that I got to work for him. I understand the urgency and how great an opportunity this really is. I make sure my energy level is up, committing 110 per cent all the time. The show is about the contestants, about finding authentic original talent. And we have found great talent.

I love what I do and I strive to be better, that’s what keeps me going. I’m never a slacker, always a striver. I came from a small town. My parents are both retired now. My father was a welder and before that in the army. My mother worked in the office of the American Heart Association. There’s a lot of music in my family – my grandmother sings – although nobody ever made it [before me]. I always felt like singing was what it was meant to be.

Eden’s Crush had a great time. We toured with Jessica Simpson and opened for ’N Sync. I don’t think we could have done bigger stadiums. Then the label London-Sire went under. I continued to work on my music and went to college for theatre and through that I heard about the Pussycat Dolls audition and the rest is history. There was singing and dancing and in the beginning some of the outfits were tiny and revealing. I grew up singing and I didn’t have to show my body to do that, so the combination was foreign to me. But as I matured I accepted it.

I don’t work out as much as I used to, unless I’m preparing for a video or tour. For most of my life I’ve spent so much time working out, fortunately the effects have stuck with me. I stay active and I try everything in moderation.

I love food. I don’t eat red meat but I eat everything else. I love Italian food and desserts. My favourite snacks are watermelon with lime juice and salt and vinegar Kettle crisps.

I listen to all kinds of music – Beyoncé, Plan B. If I have more time I would like to paddle surf and surf a lot more.

I’ve discovered this new thing called SoulCycle, which is a spinning class for your soul and spirit. It’s totally empowering.You push yourself so hard that any problems disappear because you’re pushing away boundaries physically, emotionally and mentally. You let everything go. As an artist it’s good to release and let go, but I definitely have my protective shield as well. Certain things can make me feel vulnerable.

I don’t do facials. I try not to pamper my face too much. I use La Prairie, Murad and Boots No 7. Good moisturiser is key, and a toner. I like a toner to be minty fresh and feel like a mini-spa on the go. Would I consider surgery in the future? I think it would be nice to grow old gracefully, but you never know.

Love makes me vulnerable. In business I’m tough on myself    – I’m like a drill sergeant. If I’m down I’m used to getting right back up, but when it comes to love, your heart can’t do that. Playing music that I’ve written in front of people also makes me feel vulnerable because I’m baring my soul. What makes me happiest? Love, love, love – and music.

My nieces make me happy but I’m not broody for a baby. They say if you want to be happy be around young people. When I’m around the kids I can just be myself, and that gives me a kind of freedom. Whenever God wants me to have children I’ll have children – I was an accident, and I turned out pretty good.

I’ve always had a great relationship with God. I’m a spiritual person. I grew up in a strict Catholic family and my grandfather is a priest. Although religion was around me my whole life I never felt it was forced upon me. It is my centring, my grounding, the soul of me. I feel I’m nothing without it. I do go to church on Sundays. If I’m in different countries, I just go to mass, kneel and give thanks. 

I miss performing with the Pussycat Dolls. We were a powerful little unit and our time together was electric. There is always a possibility that we will get back together, but I am enjoying where I am right now. I’ve worked hard to be able to stand out on my own and have my name out there and not have it under the name of a band. That feels empowering.

Last year on The X Factor I sang ‘Pretty’ which [songwriter and producer] Babyface wrote for me. I didn’t want big hair and make-up – I just wanted to be stripped down and to sing.

I’m a massive fan of Andrew Lloyd Webber, he is a legend. I met him at home with [his wife] Madeleine. He asked me to sing ‘Love Never Dies’ at the Royal Variety Performance for the 25th anniversary of Phantom. He’s so humble and I love his humour, his grit, his charm.

I’d like to do more West End and Broadway. You have to be able to take a chance and do something different. I’ve just performed Rent at the Hollywood Bowl where I played Maureen, a lesbian performance artist. It was a great opportunity. That’s where I can be the most fearless. I don’t always feel that way. Confidence comes with maturity, being more accepting of yourself. But I struggle. Everyone sees themselves differently when they look in the mirror.

This year has been my most relaxed ever. I didn’t dare to relax for several years – in this business you want to stay on top, you don’t want anything to pass you by. I’m more settled. I never took vacations before, or even had a massage, but I do now.

I wish I could spend more time with Lewis. Everyone thinks that I’ll be able to see more of him while I’m in London, but unfortunately my live shows and his races are at the same time. We do our best. Obviously it’s a challenge being in different countries and having demanding schedules.

My gift on The X Factor is to remain positive. I can find the good in everyone. I think that’s why they keep me on. If someone isn’t particularly good I can break it to them gingerly. I’m very creative with being positive, even if I’m struggling with someone who isn’t gifted. People at home might be thinking they don’t stand a chance in heck, and that’s what Simon is thinking, and he tells it to them like it is. But it’s their dream and they don’t know any better, so it’s nice to break it to them lightly.

I love London, although I’m spoiled by the California weather. I am excited by a new adventure. I’ve never been able to be a tourist as I’m always working. I’d like to have more time to
walk around and see the culture and the history. I want to explore, hide under a cap and walk around. London is my second home. I wear more clothes in London because it’s colder, but in many ways you have to keep it chic and be a little more daring.

I definitely want to do another film if the right opportunity comes up. In five years I would like to have done a world tour and started a family. Hopefully I’ll also be married and have a film and a couple of big albums under my belt. 

Nicole Scherzinger (@NicoleScherzy) reportedly to buy a £5 million house in London?

Nicole Scherzinger is buying a £5 million house in central London in order to be closer to boyfriend Lewis Hamilton, reports the Sunday Mirror.

The X Factor judge is said to be purchasing a property in the Regent’s Park area of the city.

"Nicole decided to look for a house soon after she began working on The X Factor,” a source told the paper.

"She loves London and wants a home here. It’s much nearer to Lewis, who has a home in Monaco [and] it means she will be able to spend much more time with him.

"He spends a lot of time on the racing circuit so seeing each other can sometimes be a challenge.

"This, along with her increased workload in Britain, has made moving a no-brainer."

The house Scherzinger is reportedly interested in is just three miles north of the central London hotel where 27-year-old Formula One driver Hamilton invited a party of ten girls in July.

Other famous Regent’s Park residents include Sven Goran Eriksson and Barbara Windsor.

"[Scherzinger] also hopes that being in the UK will put her in pole position for Simon Cowell to take her on for next year’s series," the source added.

"Nicole will keep her home in Los Angeles because she will always need a base there… She loves it there. She has lots of friends and records much of her music out in LA too."

The X Factor continues tonight at 7.30pm on ITV1. Viewers will see Scherzinger and her fellow panellists decide who makes it through to the Judges’ Houses stage of the competition and find out each of the judges’ contestant categories.

Nicole Scherzinger (@NicoleScherzy) at F1 Grand Prix in Belgium - September 2, 2012

Nicole Scherzinger (@NicoleScherzy) & Lewis Hamilton in Belgium for F1 - August 31, 2012

Nicole Scherzinger (@NicoleScherzy) could book £750k flights to see Lewis Hamilton during X Factor

Nicole Scherzinger will spend most of her £750,000 X Factor fee chartering private jets to boyfriend Lewis Hamilton’s Grand Prix race meetings.

The ex-Pussycat Doll, 34, will fly as far as Abu Dhabi and Brazil at a cost of at least £50,000 a time to keep their relationship on track.

Pals say Nicole is keen to stay close to the Formula 1 star, 27, while filming The X Factor every weekend from October to Christmas.

A friend said: “Lewis will sort some flights out for her, but she’s booking some herself and they’re eye-wateringly expensive.”

The Sun told last month how the couple hit the skids when Lewis was snapped partying with a group of beauties at a London hotel.

Nicole also wants to rent a £20,000-a-month London home to “escape the madness” while working on the show. The friend added: “If she has any cash left at the end of this I’d be surprised.”

Nicole already faces her first X Factor challenge from fellow judge Tulisa Contostavlos. The N-Dubz star, 24, has said she wants Tinie Tempah as her judges’ houses sidekick — days after it emerged Nicole has asked for him.

A source said: “The bitching could begin before the show airs.” The new series starts on ITV1 a week today.